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I recently stumbled upon an article outlining why it’s unfair for racially ambiguous and mixed-race people to argue that they can choose when it comes to their racial identity. …

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Men are at it again. Well, they’ve never stopped condescendingly explaining the world to women while showing off their hyper-confident smug smirk.

Remember when an ignorant Matt Damon explained diversity in film to the award-winning producer of acclaimed HBO films such as Stranger Inside or Real Women Have Curves, Effie…

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Rejection stings. And yet, being rejected is an inevitable part of the dating process.

However, for some men, this reality is almost unbearable. In their logic, they’re entitled to sex, love, and the girlfriend of their choosing. …

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When you think about your perfect partner, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? For example, would you date someone much shorter / taller than you? Do you think you will fall in love with someone who is not the type that you like?

After going out on…

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“Love happens when you least expect it.”

“Enjoy your time on your terms while you still can.”

“There’s someone out there just waiting to meet you.”

These are some of the empty phrases of sympathy geared to cheer unhappy and lonely singles up. Because singles are desperately seeking sympathy for…

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If I were to ask you how your last date went, what would you say?

The truth is that online dating is a minefield. It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking a long-term relationship or something casual. When it comes to online dating, nothing is certain, and navigating the pool of…

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Unlike other people, I’ve never looked at dating as a hunt. For some, dating is more like crossing an item from their list, hunting for the perfect partner as if looking for the best sales deals. However, with online dating, “relationshopping” has become easier than ever.

This behavior is facilitated…

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After struggling to process the toxicity of my last relationship for years, I finally realized that everything I thought I knew about toxic relationships was wrong.

It wasn’t all that much about dissecting and mourning the relationship but rather accepting that I had to put in the work to figure…

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When Incel Jake Davison killed five people in the Keyham area in Plymouth last week, the worst mass shooting in Britain since 2010, Police said it was not terror-related. …

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What do bees and people have in common? A shared love of flowers. However, flowers evolved to attract insects, not humans. So why do we love them too? According to physicist David Deutsch, the only conclusion for widely liked things is that objective beauty must exist.

At first, I believed…

Phoebe Kirke

Feminist, activist, sister, but above all, hurt. Writing is my path to living life to the fullest.

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