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I was on the bus to work. Unsuspecting, lost in thought, and definitively stressed out — there he was. The way he looked at me with his piercing blue eyes made my head spin out of nowhere; there was an instant attraction.

So, what’s the secret behind instant attraction?


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To me, it’s shocking how many people hold on to toxic relationships, trying to make something work that has irretrievably broken down months, sometimes years ago.

Whether the relationship is a healthy one or not, there will always come a time when we have to actively look at who we…

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After months of evaluation, I’ve concluded that once and for all, my boyfriend is the best man I’ve ever met. Period.

See, it has been a long time coming — anyone who regularly reads my blog knows that dates, relationships, and flings I’ve had a few. While some made me…

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We love love. In fact, we love it so much it has made people billionaires. And yet, some of us can’t seem to get a break. The thing is that although there is nothing wrong with being single, sometimes it’s not enough.

However, there is trouble in love paradise.


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Sometimes we hurt someone we love without realizing it. It might be a hurtful comment, a broken promise, or a white lie that comes back to haunt us. Little things slowly build up to something bigger, insurmountable even. And when that happens, we ask ourselves how things have become this…

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Sometimes you are in a quandary. You know you should end a relationship, but you don’t know exactly how. It comes with being alive that naturally, feelings, circumstances, and desires change over time. And communicating wishes, dreams, and emotional issues with our partner is a very delicate and difficult thing…

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Without trust, no human connections. All our friendships, romantic relationships, and connections to others depend on some form of trust. If we don’t feel like someone has our back or don’t understand how others feel, we’re more likely to feel anxious about our own place in the world.

We need…

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Have you ever fallen in love with someone but didn’t feel at ease when around the person? Like something didn’t feel right making you uncomfortable? Have you tried to connect with them, yet something kept getting in the way?

Chances are, the relationship is missing emotional safety.

Without it, the…

Phoebe Kirke

Feminist, activist, sister, but above all, hurt. Writing is my path to living life to the fullest.

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